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Do you know the real color of your carpets? You probably think that you do. I mean, you see your carpets everyday, right? But is the color you’re seeing really the color of your carpet, or is the color you’re seeing actually the color of everything that’s in your carpet?

Few people know that carpets actually act as a filter in your home, helping prevent dirt and allergens from circulating in the air by trapping them. Over time, as more dirt enters your home and gets lodged in your carpet, the color changes. It becomes more dull and slowly accumulates a brownish hue. This change usually happens so incrementally that it is almost impossible to notice. That is, until one day when you notice it and it is almost impossible to un-notice the translucent brown film covering your carpet.

If You Don’t Know The Real Color of Your Carpet

1. Try to vacuum it out

Hopefully, if you have carpets, you already do this semi-regularly. Vacuuming is important for the longevity of your carpet because the longer dirt stays in your carpet the more difficult it is to get out. That’s because the longer dirt stays in your carpet the further in the fabric it can get ground it. This is especially important if you have pets in the home because their dander can get logged in carpet.

2. Clean Stains & Spills ASAP

Just like you shouldn’t let dirt sit in your carpet because it will be harder to remove, you need to clean stains and spills quickly or they will also become more difficult to remove. If you are having trouble removing a particular stain, use a powerful stain remover. Chem-Dry offers one that is rated 9.5/10 by which is available for purchase on amazon.

3. Get Professional Help

Even if you vacuum frequently and are cautious to clean spill quickly, having a professional clean your carpet is a good idea, at least from time to time. Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment and training to really give your carpets the deep cleaning that they may need. Or the powerful stain fighting products needed to remove that tough stain.

Why Chem-Dry is The Best Option For Carpet Cleaning

There is no shortage of professional carpet cleaners, but not all professional carpet cleaners are created equal. The common complaints that consumers have about professional carpet cleaning companies are the very things that Chem-Dry has improved upon. Here is a list of some of the complaints of carpet cleaning that Chem-Dry does better:

1. Carpet Cleaning Leaves Your Carpets Soaking Wet & Takes Days To Dry

With many carpet cleaning companies, this is absolutely true. This is because most carpet cleaning companies use a “soak and suck” method of carpet cleaning where they flood your carpet with soapy water, then suck it back up. Chem-Dry, on the other hand, uses a carpet cleaning method called Hot Carbonated Extraction which uses the cleaning power of carbonated bubbles to penetrate deep into the carper fabric and lift the dirt to the surface. This method allows Chem-Dry to use less water and allow your carpets to dry in 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days.

2. Carpet Cleaning Leaves My Carpet Smelling Musty

This is another unfortunate consequence of the “soak and suck” method of carpet cleaning. Soaking wet carpets are a breeding ground for mildew, leaving your carpets with a musty smell. Since Chem-Dry uses less water and dries faster, your carpets won’t come out smelling worse than before.

3. I Am Worried That The Chemicals Will Harm My Pets/Family

This is a totally reasonable concern. It is a scary thought to doust your carpets with chemicals, not knowing what they are or how they could affect your family or pets. That is why Chem-Dry is committed to using green-certified products. Chem-Dry currently offers 50 green-certified products that only use products on the FDA’s G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. The main product that Chem-Dry uses for their carpet cleaning, called The Natural, is 100% non-toxic and green-certified, so you don’t have to worry about your pets or family.

4. When I Get My Carpets Clean It Seems Like They Only Stay Clean For A Few Days

This is because most carpet cleaning companies use soaps and detergents to clean your carpet. The detergent leaves a sticky film that attracts dirt instead of repelling it. Chem-Dry uses carbonation to clean instead of soap so no sticky, dirt-attracting film is left over. Chem-Dry even offers a protectant for your carpet that helps carpet to stay cleaner longer and to be more stain resistant.

Carpet is expensive and keeping it clean is important to having it for a long time (and wanting to have it for a long time). When your carpet gets dirty and its colors get dull, call Chem-Dry to help you know the real color of your carpet.