5 ways to make Spring Cleaning fun for your Family
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Spring is just around the corner! And if the warmer weather inspires you to clean your home thoroughly, there are a few strategies you can use to help get your family involved and make it fun for everyone!

1. Create A Treasure Hunt Out Of Gathering Supplies

If there are younger children in your home, you can make a fun little game out of finding all the cleaning supplies you will need. First; however, make sure to gather cleansers on your own to ensure your kids’ safety. Have your kids search for things such as buckets, sponges, clean rags, and ect. Use little clues such as rhymes or colors to help your kids find the supplies. You can even add little prizes for whoever finds the most or whoever finds their items first. 

2. Play Some Fun & Upbeat Music

Putting together a fun playlist for the whole family can keep everyone motivated even if the jobs get tough. Before you start the Spring Cleaning, have everyone in your home give you 5 songs to add to a playlist. 

3. Set That Timer!

Make tidying with kids a short and sweet experience. We all know kids have short attention spans, so get them to help with a timer!  Set a timer, and if you want, you can make it a contest. "Who can put all of those toys away in five minutes?" Of course, you need to supervise your children at all times. And to make it more fun, have prizes at the end. 

4. Sweeping Tip for Toddlers

Cleaning can be fun! And make sure your kids know that by grabbing some tape! Tape a square anywhere on your floor and make it a fun game to see how much stuff they can sweep into it. This will make it more of a game for your toddler rather than a chore. 

5. Get Your Child's Input When It Comes To A Chore List

Above all things make sure to get your child involved by asking what their thoughts and feelings are on certain chores. They may prefer doing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry, washing windows, or ect. But you won’t know until you ask! Your child will cooperate a lot more if they have a say in doing a chore they like.